My First Post

Hi, my name is Natalia and today the crazy idea of creating a blog popped into my head so here I am hoping that at least one person will read this.

My blog will be about literally everything and when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. I’m just an akward high school girl that loves spending time with her weird group of friends and watching, netflix, youtube and I even like giving a go at D.I.Ys but of course I never succeed.

I really hope that if you read this you enjoyed it and I know it was short but it was my first post and I didn’t have much to talk about. I promise you that my next post will be much longer and far more interesting so bye bye xx.

A Little Message

Hi, its been 2 days since my last post so I thought it was time to post something new.

My post today will be a little different from my last one. I will be talking about how people always feel self conscious about their appearence and why you shouldn’t care that much. When people judge you for who you are or what you look like, judge them back. Some people think that you should just go tell someone about it but not me, I think you should always stand up for your self no matter what.

The reason why I think that is because its the only way to get rid of haters. I’m not saying you shouldn’t tell anyone about it, I’m just saying don’t let that be the first thing you do. If they start a punch up fight with you, trust your instincs, if your mind is telling you that you should fight back then fight back! If you are really scared, then just tell them to back off, if they dont listen, your best choice is to run away and talk to someone about it.

Now that I’ve told you how to defend yourself, I’m going to talk about what to do when someone’s words really get to you. You should never feel like you’re not good enough or you need to change the way you look or the way you act. These are things that need to get out of your head right now. You only have one life, one body and one you, don’t waste all of that by trying to change. The only way to enjoy life is to be yourself. Don’t be upset because you have a couple haters, everyone does! The person that judged you probably has even more haters.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and it helped you out as well. Stay strong and remember to ignore the haters and stand up for yourself. Bye bye xx.